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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Michael's New Job & Updates

Michael's New Job

Michael Totten and I were in the same boat together a few years ago. While the income and lifestyle of working in IT was moderately lucrative and generally convenient, both of us itched to spend our professional lives doing something else. I opted to start on Family Nurse Practitioner schooling. Michael chose something quite different: with a year's worth of living expenses stashed in the bank and his wife's concordance, he headed off to the Middle East to try his hand at something new.

Thanks to some published pieces, including one in the Wall Street Journal, he's been able to make a sustainable living as a freelance journalist. You can read about his adventures and observations on his blog. I'm honored to have the acquaintance of someone who has courageously switched his daily commute from some joyless tech campus in Hillsboro to Northern Iraq.

Updates on Yours Truly

Much of my time and energy over the last few weeks has been consumed by some tricky assignments at work, yoga, and Tai-Chi. A formulaic, but healthy, grind.

One blessed respite was provided by my PR friends Kyle and Annie, who were nice enough to hook me up with a pass to the Mt. Hood Jazz Festival. I had the opportunity to listen to some excellent jazz, and briefly meet Antonio Hart (an astoundingly good sax player), Duane Eubanks (whose brother Kevin leads the Tonight Show band), and the indomitable David Sanborn. That Saturday, overcome by the Cascading Cavalcade of Sonic Chronic, I felt like the luckiest person in the world.

This experience reminded me that I needed to exploit the many excellent opportunities to listen to jazz in Portland. None finer value in jazz can be found than the pittance of a cover charged by Jimmy Mak's on its resident musician nights. Important note: excepting the fiery works performed within, Jimmy Mak's is non-smoking.

My next adventure will be to see my family in Korea for Chusok. I'm hoping that The Oregonian will publish my experiences on it--keep your fingers crossed!


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