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Friday, July 07, 2006

Why I Love Portland, Reason #3875

First off, I'll fully admit it's been too long since I've last posted. I'm finally recovering from a hellacious month of work and Human A&P finals. Expect to see more from me in the coming week.

Chuck Palahniuk quoted Katharine Dunn as saying that "Everyone in Portland is living three lives... they're a grocery store checker, an archeologist, and a biker guy. Or they're a poet, a drag queen, and a bookstore clerk."

This certain quirky, eclectic je ne se quois is part of Portland's oblique charm. I can't say we're the best city in the world, but I'm hard pressed to think of another one I'd rather call home.

I mean, what other place would allow a local bakery to situate a 100 foot long hot dog in the middle of downtown?

There were free hot dogs to be had, but just seeing the happy people chuckling at the engineering and baking marvel before them was food enough for me.


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