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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Nope, Still Here

Well, Sarah was a bit concerned I had stopped blogging. Reports of my (er, blog's) demise are highly exaggerated!

I've just been very busy. Even though this term in Anatomy & Physiology is relatively easier that last, there are a few gotchas: the kidneys and electrolytes. Fortunately, I got a new copy of Guyton's Medical Physiology to replace the one taken from my car by some enterprising jackasses.

I've also had the pleasure of going out on a few dates over the last week or so. Nothing that I'd really bank on for the long term, but all around good fun nonetheless. Additionally, my friend Bob introduced me to what is my new favorite restaurant, Fenouil, which was good enough to move my #1 restaurant, Genoa, to second place. Mind you, Genoa was my #1 restaurant in the US for the last five years. The price was a little scary (picture on right), but the starred items on the list were expertly prepared and delicious. Bob and I had the pleasure of parking it there for well over an hour and a half to enjoy a delicious meal, an excellent Cote du Rhone with nice glasses and decanter, and great conversation.

The two following restaurants are my Favorites Of All Time:

Le Bistrot de Papa

Photo shamelessly stolen from this page.
In the charming Rue Cler arrondissement near the Eiffel Tower and other tourist traps.
81, Avenue Bosquet / 75007 Paris
Metro stop: Ecole Militaire
Tél. 01 47 05 36 15

Sadly, I cannot remember the name of my favorite Italian restaurant: it was sometime in 1998 when I was in Italy. Rick Steves' recommended it in his guidebook, and the Risotto alla Pescatora convinced me that when the angels sit for dinner, this is one item on their table. I do remember the place was near the Vatican. If you're going to Rome, let me know, and I'll look it up.


  • Sheesh, it's about time, brother. I thought I was going to get my blog up and running before yours was refreshed.

    Speaking of food, we tried to make a version of Cafe Mingo's Penne al Sugo de Carne last night, and the results were yummy. I always loved going to Mingo after a LONG day at work (e.g., get home at 8:30 to 9p) and getting that dish or the risotto of the day.

    By Anonymous pdx_refugee, at Monday, May 08, 2006 10:30:00 AM  

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