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Friday, April 14, 2006

Super Hai, Buffett, and Homies

It's been a fun day at work (I won't bore you with some of the mind-numbing details on the Rational Unified Process), along with a few other interesting things...

My mechanic Hai managed to pull off a minor miracle. After doing a few things (check/repairfuelleaks, checkfuelpump, replacerightsideenginemount, changeoil, replaceallfuelinjectors, installIPDflametrapkit, replacewaterpump, replacealldrivebelts, checkbrakesystem), my total bill came out to be $700, which is pretty reasonable considering that half of that is parts. It drives with more power and more smoothly already. Completely worth it, and the total cost of this repair will pay itself off in less than a year of driving (more fuel efficient). Hell yes!

Warren Buffett has demonstrated once again that corporate annual reports don't have to be completely boring or obfuscated. Using funny stories, anecdotes and plain English throughout (and clear definitions when it wasn't possible), he shows why he's still the Wizard of Omaha. Interesting facts: he has apparently never sold a share of the Berkshire-Hathaway stock that makes up most of his $30+ billion net worth. He notes in his 2005 Annual Report that every single share he owns of Berkshire-Hathaway is destined for philanthropic work (see page 21).

Oh yeah, remember that mention in my last blog entry about mutual funds and management costs? See page 18. If you don't feel like reading it, Warren basically feels that Americans lose 20% of their investments over time to not-so-valuable "management" by hedge funds, mutual fund managers, etc. If that doesn't mean anything to you, how about this: that 20% is paying for the bar tab of a fund manager, and not yours.

Homies. This is a slide show my friend Laura made with music and pictures of a number of friends of mine (I've got a couple in there too). Amazing how many great memories you can evoke in eight minutes. I need to note that this is mostly safe for work, excepting one picture with one errant penis. That's the breaks.


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