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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Christ, what a week

Just to get this off of my chest...
1) The excruciating midterm and final for the A&P class I had to take last Wednesday. While I have to say that it really has been a pleasure to learn about some really neat stuff (immunology is very cool). Sweet lord, that was NOT an easy test.

2) Now that that's over, I go to text message my half-sister Angel, to find out how she's doing. I get a message back saying "Not well. I have aids." WHAT THE FUCK?!?! I steel myself for what will be an depressing conversation and call her back. Some dude picks up the phone, and I ask if Angel is there. He says yes, and then he notes that she has AIDS. I then hear laughter in the background. Come to find out, this guy is really mad at me for having text messaged or called this number a few months ago, and he things it's hilarious to joke that someone has AIDS. I let him know how amazingly cruel it was to do such a thing, but his sentiments of inconvenience from a couple of wrong phone calls apparently mean more to him. Horrible.

I have a lot of respect and admiration for my half-sister. While we have different priorities in our lives, I have tremendous respect for her compassionate nature and love of art.

3) In an effort to police my place up a bit more, I go to Target and pick up a chrome-plated garment rack and a medium-size set of plastic organizer shelves. I'm trying to save money, but I figure that $45 isn't going to bust my balls. After excitedly assembling it halfway, I do an inventory check and I discover that it's missing two key parts (namely, two chrome rods that give it height). I now have to lug the whole kit-and-kaboodle back to Target to get another set.

4) I'm coming down with cold.



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