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Monday, January 09, 2006

Back to school...

Well, today's my first day back at school, for the second of three terms of Human A&P. Around 8 pm, I'll get tired and probably let my mind drift off to thinking about some of the thoughtful gifts I got from people. Here are my favorites:

-- My friend Bob Beckman gave me a really nice bottle of Pinot Noir from Patricia Green Cellars. "Patty Green" is well-known to many cork dorks in Oregon: the 'winemaker's winemaker,' her name is synonymous with skill and consistency over the years. Formerly at Torii Mor, she started this small, but auspicious, winery a few years ago. Some weekend, I hope to have an opportunity to crack this bottle open with Bob and enjoy good conversation: an essential complement to any wine.

-- My parents sent me a new laptop. I specifically told my parents not to send me anything expensive, but they ignored me. My mother is especially concerned about ensuring that I have all the tools I need to be insanely successful at school (a common Korean mother neurosis, my girlfriend tells me). It was a nifty toy: an eight pound behemoth that sported a 17-inch LCD, a DVD burner, Bluetooth, wireless Ethernet, and pretty much everything but the kitchen sink and a hot tub. Unfortunately, it was also simply too big for school. It's already backbreaking lugging three textbooks and a binder for my A&P class through the parking lot. I am waiting with baited breath for the new Intel-based Apple 15" PowerBook that should be arriving in the next month or two, funded mostly by the proceeds from my parents' gift.

-- Rose gave me a really nice scarf. Lacking any pictures, I can tell you that it is made from a mohair-like yarn, has a very soft hand, and is fairly wide. Wrapped around my neck, it's about an inch thick and has the propensity to create a furnace-like environment around my neck--very handy on some of the chilly days we've had this winter. I'm delighted that someone would spend a couple of months knitting something for me, and there's an intangible-yet-visceral quality to it. It's my most favorite gift.

As the days pass, it seems that I long less for the nice cars and trips to Mexico I used to take. This holiday season, happiness was really about the simple things: drinking a nice wine, feeling the caress of a warm scarf and spending time with people whose company I relish. Perfection.


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