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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What I did this Christmas

Ah, this Baby Jesus Birthday Holiday sure was sweet! A few of the things I did:

Sang a bunch of Karaoke and saw lots of friends. Can't do Karaoke midweek much anymore because of work and school, and it's hard to catch up with friends. I took care of a lot of both.

Experienced a (more or less) proper British Christmas dinner. Courtesy of my friend Kirsteen, it was a fascinating view into some of the culinary traditions of the British. WINNERS: British Ginger cookies, mulled wine, Marmite twigs (must be a Mr. Bean thing), and Kirsteen's secret family roasted potato recipe. LOSERS: Well, I thought I'd like the Christmas Pudding, but it was simply too rich for me. Fun to try it, though.

Exchanged gifts with Rose. This should be self-explanatory. I'll note though: I hate sitting on gifts for weeks and weeks (I'm dying to give them), but patience is a virtue.

Watched more Bond movies than anyone should be allowed. I've always loved the Bond franchise: campy, goofy, misogynistic at times. Unfortunately, I'm unable to resist it, and could watch this stuff for hours. And by god, I did.

Did a whole bunch of nothing. I never thought that doing absolutely nothing would be so enjoyable, but shit yes, it was. La dolce far niente, indeed. A pleasant break from A&P studies starting up on January 9th, if not a bit earlier, but at least I'll have help from a special furry friend. Doesn't he look ever so smart?


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