Pete Lee

Thursday, September 01, 2005


I'm not even going to comment on how bad the disaster in NOLA is right now--that should be obvious.

My friend Aaron, a nurse and experienced in search and rescue, should be leaving on Monday to volunteer for the Hurricane Katrina disaster relief efforts. He asked me to consider volunteering with his peers at the American Red Cross, and my brief meeting with them at lunch today tells me I could be of use to them.

I had to decline an opportunity to go to Banda Aceh (Indonesia) after the tsunami there because it would have been too hard on the small company I worked for (a rule of thumb: don't make other people's emergencies yours). This one is so damn huge that I can't really turn away--and I work with a large project team, so my work can be deferred for three weeks. Keep your fingers crossed: if my consulting firm and clients are game, I'll probably be gone by the end of next week.


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