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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Time to say "hi" to my money...

Yup, I've decided to take my karaoke tour on the road with a trip to Lost Wages.

The purposes for this trip are threefold:
1) For Rose to visit her friend, Jessica, who moved to Las Vegas a little while back.
2) For me to visit my friend Jason, former bartender at Madame Butterfly and karaoke DJ extraordinaire.
3) For Rose to take me to the Coach outlet store, under the nefarious pretense that I need a wallet.

I wouldn't normally undertake such a trip (budget considerations being what they are), but I burned a bunch of Alaska miles to get a 50% discount on my ticket, and Rose & I will stay at Jessica's house. Which is very cool.

I could use a little break from the daily grind. I started up my three term sequence in Human Anatomy & Physiology at PCC, and have discovered that I've got some catching up to do, especially in the realm of basic chemistry. Mercifully, I have a good professor who is both challenging and accessible (and who gives us lots of ways to avoid spending $215 on A&P textbooks), and a lab partner(s) who look like they're both driven, hardworking and took the initiative to solicit my partnership, all of which is cool.

Since this first quiz is relatively easy, this visit to Vegas is well timed. It'll be a nice opportunity to proverbially "snort coke off a hooker's ass" before I have to buckle down and behave myself.


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