Pete Lee

Friday, September 02, 2005

Irritation Central

From what I observe, one of the biggest issues currently afflicting New Orleans is the lack of security. I'm sure that a number of charitable organizations (including the Red Cross) are staged several hours away, but won't go in because they fear their staff will be beaten or killed. Not everyone is willing or able to be as hardcore about it as this ex-Marine.

Our national response has been less than credible. This CNN article compares and contrasts statements made by the Feds, Mayor Nagin and others. To put it mildly, there's a ginormous disconnect between what these parties are saying.

The Charity Hospital situation is also very disappointing. I'm sorry, but doesn't our nation have resources like a Hostage Rescue Team? The Federal Government is notoriously bureaucratic, but you know, we have a certain someone in government who has taken his time to turn the heat up on response. I mean, how many days does it take before someone figures out that protection is needed before high-risk patients can be evacuated?


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