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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Good Stuff

I got calls this morning from both my consulting firm managers at Excell and my client managers at Regence Blue Cross. They both indicated that they are very supportive of giving me a three week leave-of-absence to assist with Katrina relief efforts. While I won't be paid, my consulting firm will keep my benefits and health insurance going.

Most likely, my work will be with the Oregon Trail Chapter of the American Red Cross. I got permission to leave for a battery of classes tomorrow during the day, which is also cool. Depending on how the Red Cross wants to use me, I may be leaving as early as September 24th. Keep your fingers crossed!

Up until about six years ago, I was very active in local search & rescue (SAR) and disaster relief (DR) efforts. For about four years, I was active with Civil Air Patrol, Pacific NW SAR and Yamhill Co. Sheriff SAR. I had the benefit of receiving over 200 hours of excellent training that covered things like search techniques, downed aircraft location, management of wilderness injuries (hypothermia, packing people out) and emergency radio communications. Unfortunately, the nature of my work changed, making my schedule very inflexible, and compromising my ability to help out these organizations.

I became recertified as an EMT two years ago with the intention of becoming more involved in volunteer work. Should I be shipped out, this will likely prove to be one of the longest and most challenging things I've done, and will also be a good test to see if that nursing school idea is still wise...


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