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Friday, August 26, 2005

T.G.I.F. / H.F.B.E.G. / W.T.F.?!?

It's official: my most favorite day of the month is Check Day. No more hunting around the house for change to buy beer. Woo-hoo!

And, lest I forget, Happy (Fine) Birthday Eric Garner! He's been my buddy since we met the summer of 1999 at the (now defunct) Cobalt Lounge in Chinatown. Thanks to the great folks at The Internet Archive, I was able to find this link. Ah, those were the halcyon days: nights of Red Bull & Vodka, booty bass, DJ P, and the social machinations of my friend Candace on Catholic Schoolgirl Sunday nights, and mornings of hangover recovery with iced lattes and Diet Coke while working long hours for Enron.

Anyways, Eric shares some eclectic tastes in hobbies with me, and also shares my fervent belief that if God didn't want us to eat animals, why would he make them out of meat? A dinner he prepared of smoked ham hocks braised in sauerkraut is easily one of the best examples of German cuisine I have eaten. We've both changed a lot over the last few years, and I am lucky to have had him as a friend this long. Some of you happen to know Eric: send your birthday greetings to him at garnere -=[at]=- gmail -=[dot]=- com.

W.T.F. is with all of my friends with birthdays in August. No joke, this is like the SIXTH one I've been to this month. Yeah, yeah, I know the seasonal thing too, but it still amazes me.


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