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Monday, August 22, 2005

"For Sail and For Sale"

This weekend, my roommate Rich showed off Margarete, his 15' Glen-L sailboat, at the Portland Wooden Boat Show. While it's always looked pretty in the garage, the true splendor of the boat is only apparent in bright sun, where depth of the varnished mahogany can really be appreciated. The witty title of this blog entry comes from his boat's "for sale" sign. And check out that flame job!

I also stumbled on some interesting organizations, including Willamette Riverkeeper and the Portland Boathouse, whose programs really show off the strength of Portland's community ethos and eclectic notions of fun.

A real treat was an opportunity to take a free kayaking class, sponsored by Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe. The one-and-a-half hour intro class was amazingly fun, and fulfilled a long-standing desire to experience kayaking. Kate, the instructor, was both fetching and distinctly qualified in newbie-herding. She was also nice enough to help extricate me out of the murky Willamette on an accidental (but humorous) wet exit. I am planning on taking their day-long Jumpstart class. If you're interested in coming along with me, e-mail me at kayak [at] petelee [dot] org. If that class goes well, I'd love to purchase some sort of kayak and go on my own Paul Theroux-inspired journey. Yay!

Today is always better when you can look forward to an adventure tomorrow...


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