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Monday, August 29, 2005

F*cking, Austria!

And I mean it! Where else would you find "F*cking Hotels, F*cking Jobs, and Schools in F*cking." Hilarity brought to you by the inherent fun in foreign languages. While we're on the topic, let us not forget about being able to cheer for a place in Thailand by chanting "Go Phuket!"

That search was prompted by the following Furthermore article in today's Wired Magazine:

It's All in a Name
British visitors find the name of F---ing, Austria, so funny they keep stealing the village signs. Local authorities are not amused. "We will not stand for the F---ing signs being removed," the town's police chief told the The Sunday Telegraph. "It may be very amusing for you British, but F---ing is simply F---ing to us. What is this big F---ing joke?" Local guide Andreas Behmueller says only the Brits seem to focus on the name -- Germans want to see the Mozart house in Salzburg, Americans are fascinated with the setting for The Sound of Music and the Japanese want to visit Hitler's birthplace in Braunau. "But for the British, it's all about F---ing," Behmueller said. Guesthouse manager Augustina Lindlbauer complains, "Just this morning I had to tell an English lady who stopped by that there were no F---ing postcards."
-- Beverly Hanly


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