Pete Lee

Thursday, July 21, 2005

"A vertical expression of our horizontal desires."

That quote about dancing is from The Fifth Night, locally-produced indie film I worked on as a Production Manager. (This film is also where I met my friend Marcus, who did a fantastic job as the Director of Photography.)

I just heard an interview on NPR with The Big Pharoah, an Egyptian blogger. I find his writing to be quite fascinating, as he possesses some seemingly progressive views for a Muslim.

He also had some pictures of Ruby, a very fetching Egyptian singer with dancing that is reminiscent of Shakira (which makes sense, as Shakira is from a town in Brazil (Barranquilla) with past Arabic influences.) While I find her music interesting, what's really fascinating to me is the fact that she is banned from Egyptian media for her relatively licentious dress and dance, yet is listened to throughout the Arab world. Definately check out the "high bandwidth" video on the page. Ooooo, shiny and pretty!

It may take a while, but indeed, times are a-changing...


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