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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Amazing what can happen in a day

Well, after recovering from a mini-bender yesterday, I've had some interesting things happen:

1) First off, it pays to be nice to the state workers who work on unemployment claims. I don't make a habit of getting on unemployment, but thanks to the up-and-down tech market in the last few years, I've been on it twice. After nicely asking for help, the claims processor I got on the phone noted that waiting until this Sunday to start as my first unpaid day of work would up my unemployment from $300 to $417 a week (gross).

2) Two recruiters are submitting me for good opportunities. The difference between the jobs is about $7-13K at this point, as well as the environment. One would be me working as an engineer for a research lab in Vancouver, which is apparently quite plush, flexible on personal time, and an overall great place to work, except that it's less money. The other would be for Freightliner here in Portland, which is OK to work in (they've got a bad case of the Office Space look, down to bad ties and ugly cubicles), but would be for a more exciting job and much more money. If I get interviews for both, it's going to be a tough decision that I hope to get.

3) Wednesday karaoke at Madame Butterfly. I have yet to have a bad day that could not be reversed by the application of a well-mixed cocktail and belting out the hits. Of the 1950s. As in Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole. Ask Marcus about "Fly Me To The Moon." Most weeks are insanely fun. It's not about the singing, but having a good time. None of this American Idol shit.


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