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Friday, May 27, 2005

Things to do...

Well, my friend Samantha has finally convinced me that I need to leave the city over Memorial Day. I'll be taking advantage of fabulous exchange rates and the best Chinese food (on the Left Coast) up north. However, this doesn't mean that I don't have a list of things to do that are just chock full o' fun!

1) For you, only the finest in Blaxploitation:
I'm talking about Shaft, Dolemite, and (arguably) Jackie Brown. P.Diddy, Snoop Dogg are called "pimps" but really, they're neopimps. Extravagant, flashy clothing was the domain of Rudy Ray Moore long before these jackals hit the scene. It's time to crack that 40 you bought at the stop and rob, tuck into that box of fried chicken, and get your groove on.
(Adding funk to your diet may have some side effects, including purchase of Parliaments records, rhythmic pelvis unlocking in white people, and an inordinate attraction to Kangol hats. Do not mix funk and soul without supervision.)

2) Check out 4play
My old stomping grounds, the 1201 Lounge, was previously the haunts of the Rat Pack back in the day. Though mostly stripped of its previous Cocktail Nation finery, some excellent club music pervades to this day. After several decades of operation, it's finally closing, but not before some excellent DJs play. No cover, great staff, strong drinks, and fine, fine beats. The last show will prove to be especially good, with Ben and Ravi (former resident DJs of the mostly-defunct Ohm) and friends.

3) The Jap Garden
I call it that strictly because I'm lazy. After a multi-year hiatus, I visited last week; it's still as beautiful as ever. Lots of little trails and walkways abound in an ocean of Zen stillness and quietude. The Portland Classical Chinese Garden is beautiful too, but the coolness of the Japanese Garden is a welcome respite from our newly-found heat.


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