Pete Lee

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Damn, that's what I call a library!

For those of you who are currently a student at one of these schools, you've got a hell of a resource available to you: a library of 22 million books (that would be about twenty Powell's Bookstores). Well, not one library, but a system that maintains a common catalog and checkout system among over thirty regional colleges, and delivers them to a library of choice, to boot.

Big deal? For me, it is: I am very busy juggling a full-time job and a half-time college schedule. Certain books are difficult for me to acquire, and spending two hours driving from place to place isn't a great use of my limited free time. The Summit system provides courier service between these schools, and even saves you the hassle of getting Yet Another Card: you check out books (or music or whatever) using your regular school library card, and then return it to your school or the original library.


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